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The Gulf Stream Voyage is an online multidisciplinary project which utilizes both real time data and primary source materials to help guide students to discover the science and history of the Gulf Stream. Students will investigate this great ocean current, how it affects the Atlantic Ocean and some of mankind's experiences dealing with it. This voyage includes activities for marine science, earth science, chemistry, physics, biology, math, history and language arts.  All may be easily used in today's technology enhanced classroom.

This project has been developed to be used as a complete tutorial on the Gulf Stream. However, the activities are presented in a manner so that each may be used individually to supplement traditional classroom lessons.  All of the lessons in the curriculum are student centered, but should be facilitated by an instructor.

Most importantly, this project taps into some of the exciting applications of the Internet in education by having students access real time ocean data, atmospheric data and historical primary source materials. Students will utilize these resources, all in the context of an authentic real world problem.