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Project Information - Gulf Stream Voyage

Project Information


The Gulf Stream Voyage is an Internet-based multidisciplinary project which will enrich a student's learning experience through "Unique and Compelling" applications of instructional technology. In particular, this project taps into some of the exciting applications of the Internet in education by having students access real time data and publish their own work to the project web site.

The Gulf Stream Voyage has two Core Activities that will teach students how to access and interpret real time oceanographic and satellite data and to how use the information to solve a real world problem.

It is recommended that students complete the Core Activities, which will provide content knowledge, before attempting the Enrichment Activities. The Teacher Guide section contains lesson plans for the Core Activities, as well as enrichment lessons. It is also recommended that you review each of the lessons carefully and use your judgment for allocating the appropriate amount of class time for the project.  All of the lessons in the curriculum are student centered, but should be facilitated by an instructor.

Additionally, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you have not done so already to access some pages that are stored in .pdf format.