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Reference Materials - Gulf Stream Voyage

Reference Materials

Basic Information about the Gulf Stream and Ocean Currents
The Gulf Stream - Links to the history of the Gulf Stream
History of Oceanography -Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
JHU/APL Ocean Currents Web Site - Web site for students and teachers who want to know more about ocean currents and the role that oceans play in storing heat and influencing global climate. 

Online Projects about the Gulf Stream and/or Ocean Currents  
SeaWiFS Project  - NASA 
Preparing to Race - Example of a math class charting the Gulf Stream to determine a sailor's best route
Oceanography Through Time COOLClassroom (Rutgers University)

Online Databases
NODC Interactive Data Access and Retrieval System 
Oceanography and  Meterology Databases  US Naval Academy  

Information about the Sargasso Sea
NOAA - Sargasso Sea Information
Sargasso Sea Alliance