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Water Purification : A Systems and Global Engineering Project

In this telecollaborative project, students in grades 9 - 12 will study technologies related to water purification. Students will explore the need for clean water and the issues related to contaminated water, including treatment options. Ultimately, classes around the world will be paired together to collaborate on the design and production of a water purification system to be used in a developing country.

This project integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) using a systems engineering approach. Systems engineering activities present an opportunity for students to do engineering the way engineers do it. Students can work together to identify problems or opportunities, explore alternatives, create models and test them. The Internet and computer-aided design software make it feasible for students in multiple locations to work together to develop solutions to complex engineering challenges.

This project has been designed to accomplish a number of related goals:

Expose students to:

  • The need for clean water
  • The various ways water sources may become contaminated
  • The effects of contaminated water
  • Clean water availability around the world
  • Various organizations and agencies that deal with obtaining and providing clean water

Provide students with an opportunity to experience:

  • The engineering design process
  • Engineering using systems approach
  • Collaborating with people around the world to solve a problem
  • Communicating with people outside the classroom
  • The difficulties in cleaning up contaminated water

Differentiate between:

  • Systems and Global Engineering concepts and roles
  • Collaboration and communication tools available

There is NO fee to participate however we do ask you to register first. To do so, go to the Instructions and Help section.

Newcomers Welcome!

If you are new to this project, please read the project Instructions and Schedule , and then register to join. Also, feel free to look at the list of schools currently registered for the project. If you haven't already done so, you may want to consider participating in the Core Concepts of Systems Engineering telecollaborative project prior to joining this project. The 2-week Core Concepts of Systems Engineering project gives students a good introduction to systems engineering and provides an opportunity for global collaboration among schools without a significant investment of time or money.

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact the Project Leader .