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Collaboration Tools


The primary means for student collaboration during the pilot test of this project will be through Collaboration Central. This is for two reasons: (1) Participating classes may be held at different times during the school day and may also be located in different time zones around the world. It is important that all required collaboration take place in an asynchronous mode; (2) In order to effectively assess the strengths and challenges of collaboration in this pilot project, there must be a written record of all the collaboration that transpires between schools and classrooms.

If any school or class wishes to experiment with other collaboration tools (e.g. video conferencing, SKYPE, etc.), it must be in addition to the required postings to Collaboration Central. If such a collaboration takes place, it would be appreciated if students could write up meeting notes of what transpired during the conference, provide a link to a recording of the conference or other record of the meeting and post it to Collaboration Central for all participants to review.

Collaboration Central

Collaboration Central will be open while the project is running. You can use it to post information and communicate with other participants in this project. When you post a letter, please be sure to quickly proofread your message before sending. You can also upload different types of documents, files, and images to Collaboration Central. Please let the Project Leader know if you are having problems accessing anything.

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