A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide for Real Time Data Activities
This is a teacher's guide to all six of the real time data activities.  It contains information on performance
objectives, necessary materials, handouts, procedures, and how to implement the project in classrooms with limited
Internet access.

Suggested Guidelines for Data Collection
These guidelines supply suggestions on how to collect the necessary data in a range of technology settings. 
These include one-computer classroom strategies and use of computer labs.

National and Local Standards
This site lists all of the national and local standards that this project addresses. 

Assessment Materials: Click here to see an assessment piece created by
Robin Carey, GT Facilitator, Euclid Middle School , Littleton, Colorado. Robin uses this grid as a culminating activity
with her sixth graders and suggests directing the students to complete the assignments in three or four of the "boxes."

How to Publish Student Work Online
This site contains information on how to publish student work which is developed as a result of participating
in this project.