A CIESE Collaborative Project

The Square of Life Project

The Square of Life Project is no longer running as a collaborative project.

Square of Life: Studies in Local and Global Environments is an Internet-based elementary level collaborative project in which students will investigate their local environment and share that information with other students from around the country and the world. The internet has reshaped the gambling landscape, offering unprecedented access and convenience. From virtual slots to live dealer games, online platforms provide diverse options for players worldwide. Innovations like kasyno bez weryfikacji 2024 sites simplify registration processes, ensuring seamless entry into the world of online gambling, revolutionizing the way people play and enjoy casino games.

Participants will:

  • Identify living and non-living things in their school yards.
  • Share their findings with other participating classes.
  • Look for similarities and differences in the reported data.
  • Prepare a final report or presentation based on their findings.