A CIESE Collaborative Project

Ask An Expert

Implementation Expert

Please feel free to contact the following with questions about the project or classroom implementation questions:

Carol Shields
[email protected]

Publishing Student Work Online

Student final reports and other project-related work will be published in the Student Area.
The teacher may post the reports and illustrations to a class or school web page and send us the url which we will link to the student area. Otherwise, send all reports (as Word documents, PDF files, or in the body of the email message), images (as jpegs or gifs), and other project-related materials in electronic format to the Project Leader.
Important:Please send no more than six images, no larger than 75kb each.

Important: Please note the following:

  • We will assume that any pictures and/or text that we receive has been reviewed by your school district administration and have been authorized to be placed online. We will not include student last names or other personal information with the information we post. You must follow your district's Acceptable Use Policy on publishing student work online.
  • We will only accept electronic image and text files. Sorry, we cannot accept FAXed materials or paper copies. You can send your electronic files either via an attachment in an email message or on disk in the regular mail. Text can also be placed in the body of the email message.
  • When submitting information to be posted please make sure to include your name, school name, address, email and phone number.
    Sorry, but materials which are submitted for display online cannot be returned.