A CIESE Collaborative Project

Project Overview

In this project students will plot square meters in their school yards and record the living and non-living things that are found therein. They will submit this information to the project database for all to view. Students will then compare and contrast their information with that submitted by other classes and prepare a brief report or presentation that will be posted to the project web site. Throughout the run of the project, classes will be encouraged to communicate with other schools via the Discussion Area.

1. Submit a class letter of introduction to the Discussion Area by September 30, 2016 . This letter should include:

  • Information about the make-up of the class
  • Description of the school and its immediate environment
  • A few interesting facts about the town or the city where the school is located

Click here to view sample letters of introduction from a third grade class and a fifth grade class.

2. Students study their square meters and record the findings. Return to Teacher Area for the lesson plan Field Trip to Your Square.

3. Submit your findings to the Project Database by November 4th.  Return to Teacher Area for lesson plan on how to prepare your list for posting.

4. Go to the Project Database to view and analyze the information that other schools have contributed. Return to the Teacher Area for the lesson plan How Are We Alike and Different?

5. Students prepare a final report and submit to Project Leader by November 18th, 2016.

6. Optional Hands-on Activity : Students make a model or drawing of their own square and that of a square from another participating school. Return to Teacher Area for the lesson plan Constructing a Partner's Square .