A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Student Gallery

Students or classes using this project are welcome to submit reports, photos, or any other work they've produced that is associated with this project. We will post student work here. Please refer to the guidelines for how to publish student work online before submitting anything.

Some possible topics for students to report on include:

  • Interview a pilot. How did he/she learn to be a pilot? What do they like most about being a pilot?
  • Report on the results of your Pilot Test Flight. What flight did you have? Where did you decide to land? Why?
  • Research the accuracy of airspeed indicators or other instruments in the cockpit of an airplane. How do they work? What factors might contribute to inaccurate readings?
  • How is wind data at different altitudes and different locations obtained?
  • How do pilots get access to wind data and jet stream information when they are flying a plane?
  • Investigate past and present navigational techniques.
  • Research typical values for plane velocities and wind velocities.
  • Find out about other careers that involve navigation or the use of trigonometry.
  • Research how vertical wind sheer forces affect flight take-offs and landings.
  • How has this project helped your understanding of vectors?