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Reference Material


Aviation Sites

  • Flight Tracker (Backup site: Flight View - click on "Sample Flight")
  • Airport Information
  • Airport Calculator - Find the distance and headings between airports  
  • Flight: History, Principles, Careers
  • Yahoo! Airline Listings
  • True Airspeed Applet - pilots can calculate airspeed (based on groundspeed as measured by GPS) with this calculator
  • FAA web site - lots of information!
  • Aircraft Design Workshop - virtual applet for designing an airplane
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) - aviation education material
  • Virtual Skies - Explore aviation technology, air traffic management, and current research in this web site designed by NASA for use in high schools and flight technology programs.

Weather Sites

Map Sites

Unit Conversion Calculators

Physics and Math Sites

Latitude & Longitude and Time Zone Information