A CIESE Realtime Data Project

CIESE -Navigational Vectors - Teacher Area

Teacher Guide

The resources below are intended to assist educators in implementing this project in their classrooms. Please note that the actual student lessons can be found in the Student Activities section which is linked in the left-hand menu bar of each page.

Teacher's Guide to the Lessons

This guide contains information for implementing each of the lessons in the classroom. Also included is a list of materials and printable student worksheets for each lesson.

Assessment Materials

Some assessment materials from when this project first ran that might be useful.

Curriculum Standards

This web page lists all of the national standards that this project addresses. It also contains information on state and local standards for the areas in which Stevens Institute of Technology is currently conducting teacher training.

Back-up Information (A MUST Read!!!)

This section contains information and suggestions for how students could continue to work on this project in the event of an Internet connection problem.

Companion Computer Program: Elica Navigational Vectors

This is where you can download a freeware copy of the Elica program for Navigational Vectors. This program was developed as part of an NSF-funded research study to accompany the Navigational Vectors web project. The program was developed to be used by high school students but some components of the program may be appropriate for younger or even older students. The program is available for PC's only. From the Elica web site, select "Applications" to find the Navigational Vectors program. Note that you will also need to download the Elica system software which is also free. Details and instructions can be found on the web site above.

Hands-on Activities

Here are links to related hands-on activities

Project Leader

This section lists contact information for the Project Leader. Please feel free to contact the Project Leader for assistance with the implementation of the project or to share your comments and suggestions.

Publishing Policy

Here you'll find the CIESE publishing policy for reports, photos and any other student work submitted to the project. Also linked here are the instructions for submitting work and photos.