A CIESE Collaborative Project

The Global Water Sampling Project

The Global Water Sampling Project is open all year from September through June. Participate at your convenience!

September 5, 2014 - June 12, 2015

Join students around the world in this environmental study!

Students from around the globe will team up to test fresh water. Join us in this collaborative project, comparing the water quality of your local river, stream, lake or pond with other fresh water sources around the world. The focus of the project is to:

  • Assess the quality of water based on physical characteristics and chemical substances, and
  • Look for relationships and trends among the data collected by all project participants.

All students are welcome to participate, however, it is recommended for middle and high school students (ages 11-18). There is no fee to participate, but before registering, please read the "Project Instructions" area to become familiar with the expectations of participants.

See the list of classes that have registered to participate.

Hudson River Snapshot Day

Hudson River Snapshot Day is designed to celebrate the Hudson River Estuary and educate participants on the uniqueness of our estuary as part of the annual recognition of "National Estuaries Week". The event is coordinated by The Hudson River Estuary Program of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Each fall, environmental education centers are encouraged to team with school classes along the Hudson River to create a day-in-the-life picture of the river from the Troy Dam to New York Harbor. This event has grown from 300 student participants in 2003, its inaugural year, to more than 3765 in 2012. This year, Hudson River Snapshot Day will be held on October 20th.

How can you get involved? Check out their website!
*Add your data to the World Water Monitoring Day database!