A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Project Information


This standards-based Real Time Data Module has been created for use by students in the elementary grades to allow them to investigate weather phenomena both locally and in other places around the world. By using  hands-on activities and real-time data investigations, the students will develop a basic understanding of how weather can be described in measurable quantities, such as temperature, wind and precipitation.  The real-time data lessons also address topics such as climate, cloud classification, and severe storms. The lesson plans which make up this module have been designed to allow teachers to select the ones which fit into their curriculum to allow for flexibility in implementation.

Grade Level

This project is appropriate for grades 3-6 but may be modified for lower or higher grades. Anyone at any grade level is welcome to use this project.

Time to Complete Project

This project is broken up into 3 sets of lessons; Introductory Activities, Real Time Data Activities, and Language Arts Activities. There are a number of specific lessons in each section, and they have been designed to allow teachers to select the ones which fit best into their curriculum. It is not necessary to do all of the lessons; however, it is recommended that all of the Introductory Activities be completed prior to students undertaking the Real Time Data Activities. The Introductory Activities will build the ground work necessary for students to move onto the lessons which incorporate real time data.  Each lesson  gives a recommended time for completion. Please review each of the lessons carefully and use your judgment for allocating class time for the project.