A CIESE Realtime Data Project

How to Publish Student Work Online

We actively encourage students who have used this project to publish their work online. If you would like have your students' work displayed in the Student Gallery  all you need to do is send their work to the Project Leader. If you are interested in having student work published please note the following:

Although it is important that the decision as to what policy to follow be determined on the state and local level, the Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at Stevens Institute of Technology has several strict internal guidelines that we will follow regardless of state or local policies. These are:

  1. We will not publish student last names.
  2. We will not publish student personal information, such as mailing addresses.
  3. We will not publish logistical information (e.g. where a school group will meeting).
  4. We will only publish student work that meets state and local guidelines, policiesand laws.

Most state governments have passed laws that pertain to what student materials can be published online and if parental permission is required. Local school districts also have policies, often called Acceptable Use Policies, which further specify what is allowed. ANY TEACHER WHO SUBMITS STUDENT MATERIALS FOR PUBLISHING IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT ALL STATE AND LOCAL GUIDELINES, POLICES AND LAWS ARE MET.

  • We will only accept electronic image and text files. Sorry, we cannot accept FAXed materials or paper copies. You can send your electronic files either via an attachment to an email message or on a disk in the regular mail. Text can also be placed in the body of the email message. Send all materials to the Project Leader.
  • When submitting information, please make sure to include your name, school name, address, email address and phone number so that we can contact you if problems or questions arise.
  • Sorry, but materials which are submitted for display online cannot be returned.