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Sample Combination Chart: Bar and Line Graph

Below is a sample combination chart using both a bar and line graph displaying both Temperature (C) and Precipitation (mm) over Time done with a spreadsheet program. In order to graph the data, you first need to enter the data into a spreadsheet. Note: you will get the actual numbers from the Weather web site. Here's an example of spreadsheet data for the city of Hoboken, NJ.

Once you've entered the data, you need to highlight the data and have your spreadsheet program make a graph for you. NOTE: you may need to move the line for precipitation so that it is above the average monthly temperature in order for the precipitation to be displayed as bars and plotted using the primary y-axis and the temperature to be displayed as a line graph using the secondary y-axis. This command will vary from program to program so make sure to review the instructions in your program. In Microsoft Excel, you will need to select the "Custom Type" tab and the scroll down until "Line - Column on 2 Axes." The spreadsheet program will then create a graph similar to the graph below. Also, make sure to pick appropriate scales for both the x- and y- axes.

Sample Combination Chart: Bar and Line Graph

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