A CIESE Realtime Data Project

Core Activities

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Activity 1: Make a Weather Station
What is weather, how does it affect our daily lives, and design and build instruments to measure weather.
Activity 2: Use the Internet to observe Weather
Take and compare weather measurements for your city and that of another location with measurements from the Internet.
Activity 3: Track Weather like a Meteorologist
Use weather instruments and the Internet to measure and record weather data over a period of two weeks (minimum).
Activity 4: How does the weather change?
  Analyze the weather data using graphs, charts, and averages for patterns and trends.
Activity 5: Are weather forecasters always right?
Apply your weather data analysis and information from radar and satellite images to make weather predictions for your area.

Factors that influence Climatological Temperature

Activity C1: Factors that influence Temperature
Predict and compare temperatures around the world with real world data and develop initial hypotheses how three main factors influence the annual temperature patterns.
Activity C2: The Global Sun Temperature Project - Latitude and Temperature (see project web site for dates)  
Determine how your geographic location with respect to latitude (e.g. where you live) influences temperature.
Activity C3: Elevation and Temperature
Compare weather data for locations at different elevations to discover the effect that elevation has on temperature.
Activity C4: Local Geography and Temperature
  Compare weather data between inland and coastal cities to determine how land & water differences affect temperature.
Activity C5: Weather and Climate
Study the differences and make distinctions and between weather and climate for your particular region.

Supplementary / Enrichment Activities

Activity E1: Looking in on the Weather
Use live web cams to use to observe the weather in distant locations and compare with real-time weather data.
Activity E2: Cloudy Weather
Conduct an experiment to see how a cloud forms, observe clouds outside and with real time satellite images, and learn how to identify three (3) basic cloud formations.
Activity E3: What happens at night
Use real time weather data to investigate what happens to air temperature at night.
Activity E4: Storm Forecasting  
Record the path of a storm as it is forming and make predictions regarding where it will strike, what areas are at risk and how severe it will be.