Engineering Our Future NJ
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Why Engineering?

Engineering is more than a discipline or a career. It's a way of thinking. An approach to solving problems and inventing new and better ways of doing things. Engineers draw upon science and mathematics, communication and interpersonal skills - and their own ingenuity - to make the world a better place.  (More)



  • The Engineering Our Future NJ program led by CIESE, the Stevens Center for Innovation in Engineering in Science Education, was mentioned in the newly released publication by the National Academy of Engineering, Engineering in K-12 Education: Understanding the Status and Improving the Prospects (2009, National Academies Press, Washington D.C.). Additionally, three research papers reporting on CIESE engineering education research, were cited in the publication. The full publication is available at: The press release from the National Academy of Engineering can be seen at:

  • Stevens’ Center for Innovation in Engineering & Science Education (CIESE) earns two NSF grants
    Grants will continue to bolster and encourage learning of science, engineering in K-12

  • Boat-'Bots for Brainiacs: LEGO Submersibles Launch Young Engineers
    Robots designed, built and run by Middle School and High School students compete underwater. Event hosted by the Stevens Institute of Technology, well known for its ocean-engineering programs.
  • Student Innovation Day June 12th
    Middle school students and teachers from Jersey City visit Stevens on Friday June 12th for an immersion into the real world of scientific discovery and engineering innovation. Hands-on innovation activities, successful young entrepreneurs, and a slice of life at a leading technological university await the students, sponsored by Honeywell, through its Teachers for the 21st Century partnership with Stevens. More

  • K-12 Engineering Education Research Presented at American Society of Engineering Education
    Four papers on CIESE’s work in K-12 engineering education, based on partnerships with New Jersey school districts, will be presented at the American Society of Engineering Education annual conference June 14-18, 2009 in Austin, Texas. They focus on Systems and Global Engineering; PISA, an elementary science and engineering program; the statewide Engineering Our Future NJ initiative, and Build IT, an underwater robotics engineering and science program for middle and high schools. More

  • Energy & Engineering Institute for Middle School Teachers
    The PSE&G-sponsored Energy and Engineering Institute is full! We hope to offer this program again in the future. Please check back for more details. More

  •  Partnership to Improve Student Achievement Program Begins July 13
    Year 3 of the NJ Department of Education teacher professional development program starts July 13 at Stevens. This year’s focus will be on physical science. More

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