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Math Achievement To Realize Individual eXcellence
A grant program funded by the New Jersey Department of Education
Battin Middle School

Jim Caulfield

Battin Middle School

Mathematics, 7th Grade Teacher

Email: [email protected]

"The Matrix program is an incredible technology tool for all of my students. Our children today are keen on the technology in their world and any learning tool that comes alive in their world such as Matrix can only be an asset. Hands - on activities that are afforded through the technology of Matrix are absolutely perfect for all students. Our students make use of technology from iPods to PSP's and the technology used in Matrix is a natural extension of the daily technology that students are comfortable with, and therefore excel at. Students love to demonstrate that with which they are proficient and or excel. The Matrix program provides an opportunity for all levels to shine. It has given me the opportunity to work more on a one - on - one basis and avoid the trap of lecture and continual text work. (Continued below.)

Class Activities/Materials

One brief example, Antonio B. put together an incredible Power Point Stockmarket presentation using the tools that were given through the Matrix program. The student was able to bring to life the story of Jet Blue Airlines as a visual presentation that is relevant and understood by all the students in class. Hopefully programs such as Matrix will continue to afford students the opportuinity that my students have been given for the last three years."

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