Participate in CIESEmath (Post GEPA/NJAsk) Projects
March-June, 2007

The Noon Day project - students measure shadows to find out what the
circumference of the earth is. (That is what Eratosthenes did in Egypt 2200
years ago.)
Warm up: The Pizza Slice Problem

The Million Three-cube Roll Race - Predict who will win! Middle school
students will contribute to the race by rolling 3 dice 100 times and posting
their results on the Internet. The goal will be to reach a million rolls.
(Can we do it?)

Warm Up:  the one and two cube roll games.
The Great Green Globs contest - Students will try to get the best score by
"shooting down" globs on a coordinate X Y axis by entering in equations.
Lesson: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Equations, Lines, Slopes, and Graphs but Were Afraid to Ask

The Stock Market Game - Make a fortune playing the stock market! Or at least you can try.
Current Elizabeth Standings - see Project News.
Another good version -

May "Sweeps" Week - TV, Media and Math

Interesting past events:
Celebrate Pi Day - March 14, 2007

You can find out more about these and other activities on the CIESEmath Website: