T.M.T. A Collaboration between the Piscataway Township Schools & the  
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T.M.T. Contacts
Piscataway Township Schools
URL: http://www.piscatawayschools.org/
CIESE / Stevens Institute of Technology
URL: http://www.stevens.edu/ciese/
Lynda Jackey
Assistant Director of Curriculum for
 Mathematics/Science K-12
(732) 572-2289 x2539
[email protected]

Carolyn Keck
District Coordinator of Technology
Tel.: (732) 572-2289 x2562
[email protected]

Laura C. Morana
Assistant Superintendent for
Curriculum and Instruction
Tel.: (732) 572-2289 x2533
[email protected]

Ihor Charischak
Mathematics Project Manager
Tel.: (201) 216-5076
[email protected]

Carol Shields
Senior Educational Technology Associate
Phone: (201) 216-5070
[email protected]

Greg Bartus
Educational Technology Associate
Phone: (201) 216-8060
[email protected]


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