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T.M.T. Project Overview
Sponsored by the NJ Department of Education's P-12 Higher Education/Public School Partnership grant program, the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at Stevens Institute of Technology and the Piscataway Township Schools (PTS) are collaborating to build a strong foundation to improve 6th, 7th, and 8th grade mathematic student achievement and teacher instruction in middle school mathematics.

Through a comprehensive program of ongoing teacher professional development, in-class support that focuses on effectively integrating technology into teaching and learning, and curriculum alignment to the district's curriculum and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, this partnership focuses on achieving the following three (3) project goals:

  1. improve teacher practice via workshops, teacher mentoring, and web-based support, using exemplary, field-tested, technology-based lessons designed to bolster teachers' content knowledge, instructional delivery, and student understanding of core topics in middle school mathematics;
  2. use engaging technology resources that promote visualization of complex concepts and which demonstrate the relevance of mathematics to real-world issues and topics; and
  3. integrate technology-based learning activities with the district approach to a standards-based, articulated curriculum for grades 6-8 mathematics, based on the principles contained in Understanding by Design (Wiggins, 1998).

This project is a one-year initiative that will directly involve a select group of classroom teachers from each of the following three middle schools in the Piscataway Township Schools (PTS): Conackamack Middle School, Quibbletown Middle School, and Theodore Schor Middle School.

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