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The Savvy Cyber Professor, the course materials to be used in this Partnership, is a faculty professional development program through which community college faculty will learn to integrate Internet-based resources in their courses. Designed specifically for community colleges' use in preservice education in the areas of science, mathematics, language arts, and educational technology, the program's goal is to help community college faculty who teach preservice teachers, model effective technology-based instruction in order to improve student engagement and achievement in core courses.

Savvy Cyber Professor is based on materials developed by Stevens Institute of Technology that have impacted over 10,000 K-12 teachers and used by faculty at Maricopa and Cuyahoga Community Colleges and Miami Dade College. As an outcome of this unique 26-hour program, combining online and face-to-face instruction, faculty will create "Real World Learning Objects" that they can use to enhance and strengthen their courses.

  1. Savvy Cyber Professor (Password Required)
    • Session Outline: Overview of each of the Savvy Cyber Professor Sessions
    • Graduate Credit Guidelines: Graduate_Credit_Guidelines_SCP.doc (79 KB)
      Information and Guidelines about attaining Graduate Credits for participating in the Savvy Cyber Professor course
  2. Real World Learning Objects



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