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Community College Pathways to Improved Teacher Preparation Through Technology (Pathways) project adapts a proven set of P-12 training materials and Internet-based curricula for use in math, science, language arts, and educational technology in community college courses taken by pre-service teachers. It will create an online library of technology-based learning objects to promote constructivist learning in the community colleges. Faculty from thirty community colleges will participate in a face-to-face/online training and development program and will be supported by mentors in an online learning community to promote institutionalization.

Materials developed for this project include a library of Real World Learning Objects (RWLOs) that can be integrated into community college courses as well as the Savvy Cyber Professor online and face-to-face training materials that provide instruction for the development and use of RWLOs.

Fall 2006 cohort of 18 community colleges chosen to participate in Savvy Cyber Professor.
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