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Use Excel to create a Climatogram

Project Overview

A climatogram is a chart commonly used to graphically display both annual temperature (highs, lows, and averages) and precipitation information for a city or region. Meteorologists and climatologists use climatograms to understand the general climate of a region. Climatograms are also frequently included in travel books and tourism brochures so interested visitors can select the "best" time of year to visit a certain location.

For this RWLO, students will learn how to use the many graphing features of Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet program. Students will download and enter real climate data for their city from the Internet into a spreadsheet program to create a climatogram, and once completed, will use and analyze the chart to make a recommendation when the "best" and "worst" time of the year to visit their city.


(NOTE: this RWLO is based on Lesson C5: Weather and Climate from the Weather Scope project)

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