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RWLO Learning Community

The RWLO Learning Community Listserv serves as a forum for community college faculty and others to share information about the development and use of Real World Learning Objects (RWLOs). All are welcome to join the listserv and participate in discussions. Instructions for subscribing and posting messages are below.

The RWLO Learning Community Podcast is another forum for sharing information about RWLOs. These are audio podcasts that anyone can easily create using a telephone. The podcasts are available to listen to using your computer, any mp3 player, or using iTunes. Instructions for recording and accessing the podcasts are below.

RWLO Learning Community Listserv Instructions

  • How to Subscribe

    Send an email to [email protected] . Leave the subject line empty. On the first line of the message body, write the following:

    subscribe rwlo YourFirstName YourLastName

    subscribe rwlo Jane Doe (example)

    Send the message. In a few minutes you will receive a confirmation message, which will give you instructions on how to quickly confirm your email address. Once you have successfully confirmed your email address, you will receive a welcome message which includes directions on how to unsubscribe. Please keep this message for future reference.

  • How to Unsubscribe

    Send an email to [email protected] . Leave the subject line empty. On the first line of the message body, write the following: unsubscribe rwlo . Send the message. In a few minutes you will receive a confirmation that you are unsubscribed.

  • How to Post a Message

    Post a message to the RWLO Learning Community Listserv by sending an email addressed to: [email protected] . Remember that everyone who subscribes to this listserv will automatically receive your message!

  • How to Change Your Email Address

    The best and fastest way to change your email address (on any listserv) is to subscribe to the listserv using your new email address. If your old email address is still active, you can also unsubscribe from the list using that email. Any inactive emails get bounced back and that email address will eventually be removed from the listserv. Subscribing and unsubscribing is done automatically by computer and only take a few minutes.

    Check the instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing so that you send your email message to the correct address. It is different from the email address used to post messages. Please do not post a message to the listserv requesting that your email address be changed. All of the people on the listserv will receive your message!

  • View Archived Postings

    To view archived messages posted to the listserv, go to .

  • Questions?

    If you ever need to get in contact with the manager of our listserv (if you have trouble unsubscribing or have questions about the listserv itself), send an email to [email protected] .


RWLO Learning Community Podcast Instructions

  • How to Post an audio message to the RWLO Podcast

The RWLO Podcast uses a free service call Gabcast that allows users to record new episodes via telephone by just calling a toll free number, entering in a Channel and Password and recording a message. Episodes are automatically added to the RWLO Podcast page and can be played from that page.  Additionally, anyone who has subscribed to the Podcast will get updates immediately. It's quick and as easy as making a phone call.  Don't worry about making a mistake; you will get a chance to hear your recording before "publishing".  Go ahead... give it a try.   Here's how: Call 1 800-749-0632, Channel: 3743, Password: 1212, Press 2 to Publish. That's it!

  • How to Listen to a RWLO Podcast

Go to the RWLO Podcast page and play any episode. Optionally, subscribe to get notification of new episodes. You can also play using  iTunes .
(requires iTunes - free download if you don't already have it -