Infusing Technology into Community College Courses


Discover an exemplary faculty training program through which community college faculty will learn to integrate Internet-based resources into their courses. Designed specifically for community colleges' use in preservice education in the areas of science, math, language arts and educational technology, the program's goal is to help community college faculty who teach preservice teachers model effective technology-based instruction in order to improve student engagement and achievement in core courses.

Unique and Compelling Internet Applications

  1. Communication & Collaboration
  2. Real-Time Data
  3. Access Primary Sources
  4. Publish Student Work

More Information:

  • Community College Pathways to Improved Teacher Preparation Through Technology (Pathways)

    The Pathways project adapts a proven set of K-12 training materials and Internet-based curricula for use in math, science, language arts, and educational technology in community college courses taken by pre-service teachers. It will create an online library of technology-based learning objects to promote constructivist learning in the community colleges. Faculty from thirty community colleges will participate in a face-to-face/online training and development program and will be supported by mentors in an online learning community to promote institutionalization.

    Materials developed for this project include a library of Real World Learning Objects (RWLOs) that can be integrated into community college courses as well as the Savvy Cyber Professor online and face-to-face training materials that provide instruction for the development and use of RWLOs.
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