The Savvy Cyber Teacher®

using the internet effectively

The Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia
La Salle University

February 13, 2004


This presentation introduces participants to the Savvy Cyber Teacher® professional development program which utilizes “unique and compelling” Internet-based curriculum resources to promote effective learning experiences through the meaningful integration of technology into the K-20 science and mathematics curriculum.

CIESE curriculum materials:

  • promote the integration of science, mathematics, technology, and other core subjects
  • are explicitly linked to state and national content standards
  • are multi-disciplinary, focusing on science topics that require quantitative analysis; critical thinking; collaboration, and other 21st century workforce skills

Unique and Compelling Internet Applications
Savvy Cyber Teacher®
curriculum projects emphasize use of the Internet for “unique” (cannot be accomplished without the Internet) and “compelling” (educationally-sound, real-world learning) applications. More specifically, “unique and compelling” projects are those that involve:

1. Communication

Example: Ask a Fungus Expert

Sample Project:

2. Real-Time Data


  • Real Time Earthquake Data
  • Real Time Flight Data

Sample Projects:

3. Student Web Publishing


4. Primary Sources


Sample Project: Historical Treasure Chests

Internet-Enhanced vs. Text Book Problem:

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Meg Turner
Manager of District Outreach Programs
CIESE, Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point on Hudson
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Phone: 201-216-5655, Fax: 201-216-8069
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