Unique & Compelling Internet Applications
for the 21st Century Learner

NJ Elite Conference
Wildwood NJ
July 18-20, 2007

Discover "unique and compelling" applications of the Internet: use of real time data, telecollaboration, use of primary sources and student publishing. These applications engage students in authentic investigations and real world problems. Developed by CIESE, the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education, all projects promote the integration of science, mathematics, technology, and other core subjects.

Unique and Compelling Internet Applications

  1. Communication and Collaboration
  2. Real-Time Data
  3. Primary Source Material
  4. Publishing Student Work on the Web
  5. Engineering Projects


For More Information:

  • CIESE Homepage
    Learn more about our mission, research-based projects and curricula, and professional development programs.
  • CIESE Online Classroom Projects
    Explore all of our K-12 telecollaborative, real-time data, primary source, and engineering projects here. Projects are freely available to all participants worldwide.
  • Real World Learning Objects Library
    Developed by community college faculty in collaboration with CIESE, these short, concise lessons in science, mathematics, language arts and educational technology promote “unique and compelling” uses of the Internet and engage students in authentic activities. Designed for community college level students and easily adapted for high school level students, these learning objects are freely available.
  • CIESE Professional Development Programs
    We offer a variety of professional development programs aimed at helping teachers utilize unique and compelling Internet-based resources and engineering applications to improve student learning in science, mathematics and other disciplines.
  • Engineering Our Future NJ Homepage
    Learn how CIESE is helping schools and teachers use engineering activities to strenghen science and mathematics education at all grade levels and how you can become involved in this statewide initiative.
  • CIESE Listserv
    Join our mailing list to keep informed of upcoming professional development opportunities, online project run dates, and a variety of relevant and timely news items.


Conference Handouts

Presentation Information PowerPoint Presentation
Stowaway Adventure "Traditional" Problem Stowaway Adventure "Unique & Compelling" Problem
CIESE Telecollaborative Projects CIESE Real Time Data Projects
CIESE Primary Source Projects CIESE Engineering Projects
EOFNJ Flyer EOFNJ Newsletter


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