Sustainable Energy Institute

Energy & Engineering Workshops for Middle School Educators


In 2012, this workshop was titled Sustainable Energy as part of the NJSTA Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Educator Scholar Program.

Energy production and consumption and the impact those activities have on the environment are among the most critical long-term issues facing the United States. In these workshop, middle school science and technology education teachers will explore the key scientific and technological concepts needed to understand energy.

Workshops consist of hands-on activities that will bolster teacher understanding of energy and provide research-based classroom materials that can help plant the seeds for creative solutions for our country's energy needs.  This program is aimed at educating and inspiring students to be the next generation of energy scientists and engineers.  

Throughout the workshops, educators will:

  1. Engage in structured discussion to establish current levels of understanding of energy concepts.
  2. Be introduced to an extensive array of wind and solar power resources.
  3. Construct and experiment with working wind generators.
  4. Construct and experiment with working solar panel kits.
  5. Put understanding into practice using the engineering design process to optimize performance of their wind turbines.
  6. Be introduced to best-practices from other classroom resources suitable for teaching energy in the middle school.