The Systems and Global Engineering Project

Engineering is increasingly conducted in a global environment that requires multiple entities to collaborate on the development and operation of complex products and systems. Systems engineering is a rapidly growing field that addresses this need. Stevens Institute of Technology and the New Jersey Technology Education Association (NJTEA) have partnered to develop, pilot and disseminate systems and global engineering instructional modules for use in high school engineering, technology and science courses.

Major activities of the SAGE Project have included:

  • Identification of core systems engineering concepts and development of classroom activities to engage students in mastering those concepts
  • Developing online instructional modules designed to engage students in creating innovative solutions to problems of global significance
  • Providing professional development to prepare teachers to effectively implement curriculum modules in high school classrooms
  • Piloting and refining each of the instructional modules
  • Developing and piloting online courses to provide teachers with the background needed to ensure successful implementation of the SAGE modules.

By the end of the project, it is anticipated that 700 teachers in New Jersey and across the U.S., as well as internationally, will have learned about the Systems and Global Engineering modules and that 100 schools will be involved in an extended, intensive Systems and Global Engineering project.

Funding for the SAGE Project is provided by the Edison Venture Fund.

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