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 Mentor Teachers Enhancing Science Education with Internet-based Curricula



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Project Overview 

The program, Science Link: Mentor Teachers Enhancing Science Education with Internet-based Curricula, is a collaboration between Stevens and AT&T Learning Network. Its purpose is to improve teaching and learning in middle school science through classroom integration of exemplary, standards-based Internet-supported curriculum resources. The program is being implemented in liaison with the New Jersey Department of Education.

This project is a three-year initiative that will directly involve a total of 30 teachers from three urban districts. It is a long-term, professional development experience designed to provide them with both Internet skills and innovative Internet-based curricular resources. 

Science Link will allow the teachers to engage students in authentic science investigations utilizing Internet-based resources that promote and reinforce the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. 

To maximize the impact of the Science Link program, participating teachers will be trained as mentors. In their roles as mentors, participants will assist their colleagues in making use of Internet-based resources in their classrooms. 

Stevens will work closely with each district to ensure that appropriate plans exist whereby these mentor teachers are available for district-wide dissemination of the training they have received.

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