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 Mentor Teachers Enhancing Science Education with Internet-based Curricula



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The AT&T Foundation and the AT&T Learning Network are supporting the Science LINK program in order to increase opportunities for all students, particularly those from socioeconomically and educationally disadvantaged schools.  The Science LINK program is aimed at increasing the pool, the persistence, and the capabilities of students who will go on to take advanced courses in science, mathematics, and technical subjects.  This educational foundation is critical to sustaining and expanding the high tech workforce upon which AT&T and the global economy depend.  

CIESE (the Center for Improved Engineering & Science Education), at Stevens Institute of Technology has designed this ScienceLINK program to provide three years of intense professional development for 30 science and math teachers from three Abbott Districts in Northern New Jersey. During this program, these teachers are being trained to use unique and compelling Internet-based resources in their classrooms, to develop Internet-based curriculum materials, and to deliver training to their colleagues in integrating these resources with their curricula. The overall goal of this program is to create capacity within the three participating school districts by providing intensive teacher training in the use of engaging and rigorous science and mathematics content; to establish a model and support for turnkey training among teachers; and to effect the associated organizational changes required to support novel uses of technology by teachers and students. 

The AT&T Learning Network maintains a web site that features many of the kinds of Internet-based resources that are useful to practicing teachers. In doing so, the site fosters the Network's goal of assisting teachers as they work to improve the results classroom instruction by incorporating technology-based techniques in their repertoire of teaching strategies.



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