STEM Professional Development

For more than 30 years, CIESE has collaborated with teachers, administrators, schools and school districts in STEM professional development programs that emphasize high quality, standards-based, technology-integrated curriculum materials and administrative counsel. CIESE offers a wide array of workshops that explore innovative, instructional strategies, and technologies that support school improvement in STEM content. In 2011, CIESE was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring in recognition of our expertise, encouragement, and mentoring of teachers and students in science and engineering.

Past Professional Development Offerings

What Sets Us Apart from Other Professional Development Providers?

CIESE instructors possess both deep content expertise in STEM disciplines and have K-12 classroom teaching experi­ence. Many have worked as scientists and engineers before becoming elemen­tary, middle, or high school classroom teachers. All have led intensive professional development programs, provided on-site classroom coaching and professional learning community support.

CIESE is not conducting professional development services at this time other than through specific grant-funded programs.

NGSS Expertise

Learn how to put the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into action through high leverage practices and engineering design. CIESE has considerable expertise showing how the engineering design process can foster students’ 21st century skills, such as creativity, innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Common Core-Math Expertise

CIESE programs engage teachers in a deeper exploration of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics by examining high leverage math practices that lead to greater student understanding.

In-District Workshops

In-district training is available for any of our Professional Development offerings. Workshops can be grade level or subject-area specific, and customized to suit specific needs and times. Workshops correlate to the NJ curriculum standards. One-day or multi-day workshops available.

In-District Coaching

Experienced CIESE instructors are available to work with teachers to enhance content knowledge, support the integration of exemplary curricula into classrooms, model and critique lessons, implement new technologies or conduct curriculum planning/review. These programs allow for one-on-one guidance and support over an extended period.

PLC Facilitation and Support

CIESE has extensive experience facilitating school-based professional learning communities (PLCs) for mathematics and science teachers. PLCs dig into a variety of topics while examining student work and reflecting on teaching strategies to improve student learning.

Customized In-District Programs and Services

CIESE offers a variety of professional development programs and services focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics that can be customized to meet your district’s needs. We can help you evaluate your long-term STEM needs and suggest an appropriate professional development plan. Programs can also include in-district coaching and district consulting. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What Workshop Participants Say

“This is the most organized, effective workshop I’ve ever attended. Not only were the ideas excellent, but you really make me THINK about my interactions with my students.”

“The workshop was full of high interest investigations and hands-on activities that will get students actively engaged in the science and engineering practices.”

“Excellent! Very innovative. Gives many techniques that can be taken back to classroom to use.”

CIESE is not conducting professional development services at this time other than through specific grant-funded programs.