Center for Innovation in
Engineering and Science Education

The Stevens mission ignites our work: To inspire, nurture and educate leaders for tomorrow’s technology-centric environment while contributing to the solutions of the most challenging problems of our time.

CIESE leverages and strengthens STEM disciplinary and pedagogical expertise for K-12 and Higher Education through:

•    Research on teaching and learning 
•    Professional development for educators 
•    Curriculum design 

We aspire to a society in which scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical literacy and social responsibility inform careers, citizenship and personal decision-making and contribute to solving the critical problems that face humanity. 

Highlighted Projects


Integrating Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning Practices into
the Core Engineering Curriculum

Cohorts of Faculty who teach one of 12 core undergraduate courses in the School of Engineering & Science are provided training, support and recognition to enable adoption and implementation of toward improved teaching practices informed by educational research.


 Multimedia Immersion

Multimedia Immersion Inspires STEM Learning

This high school multimedia curriculum is designed to increase the interest and knowledge of science and engineering, especially for young women and underrepresented groups in STEM. Students learn the fundamentals of multimedia and video production by creating a short animated video.



NJ Partnership to Research Ambassadors Inspiring Science Education

Science practices, content knowledge and student thinking are at the center of this New Jersey Mathematics and Science Partnership program to prepare K-8 teacher leaders to serve as Science Ambassadors, helping to improve science teaching and learning within their communities. 


Project Infuse

An Examination of Science Teachers’ Conceptual Learning through Concept-Based Engineering Professional Development

Biology and physics teachers are learning to infuse engineering design into their existing teaching and current instructional materials, building meaningful connections between engineering and core science ideas.