Engineering Our Future NJ
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Engineering Our Future NJ is an initiative of the Stevens Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) to promote engineering and technology education in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout New Jersey. Our goal is to ensure that all children experience engineering as an integral part of their K-12 education, not merely as an elective or extracurricular activity.

With support from the State of New Jersey, Verizon Communications and the National Science Foundation, CIESE has provided professional development to 2,400 K-12 teachers throughout New Jersey partnering with school districts, other institutions of higher education, and related engineering, technology, science and research organizations.

Working with curriculum partners such as the Museum of Science, Boston, which has developed exemplary elementary and secondary-level pre-engineering curricula. Stevens has provided teacher professional development, technical assistance, and in-class support to participating schools. Other partners, including the NJ Department of Education, are also engaged in this outreach effort.

In addition, through a National Science Foundation-sponsored grant, CIESE has engaged 72 teachers from 36 middle and high schools throughout New Jersey in a three-year engineering design and problem-solving research project using LEGO robotics in an underwater environment.

CIESE offers professional development, both at Stevens and on-site at district professional development days on engineering curricula for elementary through high school teachers.

A pilot program, launched in 2005, engaged 35 K-12 teachers from 32 diverse schools across the state in a research and evaluation program to assess the impact of engineering curricula on student learning of engineering, technology, science, and mathematics, and to understand implementation issues related to integration of engineering in the K-12 classroom. This pilot/demonstration phase has informed the development and implementation of a statewide scale-up program aimed at preparing teachers across the state to effectively introduce engineering into K-12 classrooms.

Visit the Engineering Our Future NJ workshop page or email [email protected] for more information or to schedule a session at your school or district.

White paper on Engineering Our Future NJ program: EOFNJ_Whitepaper.doc

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering